e-Leksyon Website and Mobile App Already Put in Motion

What is e-Leksyon? e-Leksyon is a website and mobile application launched by Commission on Elections (Comelec) with main function of helping the people become acquainted, knowledgeable, and capacitated with matters regarding the upcoming elections. Who Created e-Leksyon? The 2 e-Leksyon platforms were created by Comelec and Bitoopi, Smart Communications’ circle of burgeoning programmers. The platforms[…]

Cebu Bloggers Society Co-Organizes Social Media Influencers Summit

March 16, 2013 will mark another first for the Cebu Bloggers Society as they they co-organized the Social Media Influencers Summit together with iNewMedia Online Network. For the past few years, social media has now taken the front row seat when it comes to knowing the latest news, the funniest photos, the most trending and most viral[…]

Filipino Blogosphere and Political Participation Forum in Cebu

Adam Nisbet, in his paper “Online Networks and Political Participation within the Public Sphere” for Georgetown University, had said it so eloquently: online networks have contributed greatly to “deliberative democracy” because they allow everyone to have his or her own voice. Moreover, online media platforms such as blogs increase the level of participation as they[…]

Senator Mar Roxas’ stand on Charter Change

This afternoon, I was googling (searching online) on the latest news about US President-elect Barack Obama’s upcoming Cabinet selection. Then, as I was surfing in Google News about Senator Mar Roxas, I saw this article from the online edition of The News Today, a daily newspaper based in Iloilo City and circulated in the entire Western Visayas region. A[…]