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Cebu Bloggers Attend US Election Watch 2008

The Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS), which I co-founded, joined the US Election Watch 2008, organized by the US Embassy in the Philippines, in SM City Cebu’s Northwing yesterday. Before I went to the event venue, I was already monitoring the US election results on CNN as early as 7AM and by past 8AM, CNN already projected that Kentucky went to (John) McCain’s column while Vermont was for(Barack) Obama’s.

After that projection, I hurriedly went out of the house and rode a jeepney to the event venue. When I arrived 30 minutes later, I registered (as group of the media) and got supporter pins with some election materials. I asked some people in the venue if any state was already called for any of the candidate after the Kentucky and Vermont in case I missed it, and luckily, none yet. I was glued to the large TV projector of CNN and I watched as the results came in.

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