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Cebu Bloggers meet Filipino Voices

The Cebu Bloggers Society met Nick of FilipinoVoices.com yesterday, November 22, 2008 at Bo’s Cafe, Ayala,  around four in the afternoon. FilipinoVoices.com is a collaborative blog of Filipino bloggers which focuses on news, politics, and social commentary.

The main agenda of the meet-up was to discuss the participation of Cebu bloggers in citizen journalism, particularly socio-political blogging. The goal is to form a movement wherein local based bloggers become reliable sources on socio-political issues and help in increasing awareness on issues.

Here is an excerpt of the copy of  Overview and Responsibilities sheet handed by Nick:

The bloggers will be our correspondents, playing an important role in providing key insight, information, and analysis where they will most likely be informed that other bloggers and writers from outside of the area.

Today is the beginning of Cebu Bloggers’ participation in a grassroot movement that will take back our voice, and finally give back to the people, the power that is rightly theirs.

Thus the Cebu bloggers will be crucial so that our readers will have a more updated, more in depth look on the issues that are facing Cebu specifically.  Opinions, views, and analysis coming from not outside, but those who live and breathe Mindanao..

Sinjin, XEmpressVanjohnnRodelAtenean, and Clarence were present at the meeting.

For those who are interested in contributing to FilipinoVoices.com, send an e-mail to Nick with the following details:

1. Preferred username and password(for login purposes)
2. Avatar Photo(200×200)
3. Display Name(posted with your articles)
4. A blurb of yourself (a brief description that appears at the end of your every post)
5. An in depth description of yourself to be featured on the About page so that readers will know more about you.


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