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Cebu Bloggers Shout “Yehey!”

May 28, 2009 — It was a fine Thursday afternoon when the Cebu Bloggers Society met at La Maison, The Terraces, Ayala with Ms. Kankan RamosMs. Elaine Sibol, and Mr. Donald Patrick Lim of Yehey.com. The crew provided the bloggers the opportunity to do some food reviews on the dishes served at La Maison. Some of the food were the following:

Tostitos - a fried tortilla open faced, topped with beef and cheese, blended perfect with spices.

Barkada Ribs - grilled pork ribs in barbecue and honey chili sauce.

Classic Gourmet Platter - a combo of French Gourmet Dishes: Le Charconte, Boeuf Bourguignon, Coq Au Vin, and Sole Fish Tapanad.

Seafood Marinara - composed of fresh shrimps, mussels, and lapu-lapu in a Tomato Basil Sauce.

After the bloggers feasted on the delectable dishes, it was time for Mr. Donald Patrick Lim, CEO/President of Yehey.com, to orient them about the said website.

According to Wikipedia:
Yehey! is a Philippine Web portal. It is currently the second most visited Philippine site behind INQ7.net.

The company was formed in 1996 as Fiesta Online Corporation by a group of young pioneers composed of Alistair Israel, David Quitoriano, Voltaire Trinidad, Ramon Borja and Julius Alba.

As of 2006, Yehey.com has almost 280,000 registered users and over 21.6 million visits annually.

Basing on its current stats, you could never expect that Yehey.com was once at a loss. Being a striving company, Yehey.com credits its place in the web now to their much exerted effort in reaching out to their clients.

In the powerpoint presentation by Mr. Lim, it was found out that Filipinos are number one in social networking sites, number two in uploading photos, and number two in blogging. These facts have driven the company to choose the bloggers as their critics and judges for they also believe that online advertising is one key to a successful business.

Yehey.com’s PR activities, one of which was the Trinoma bloggers event (Manila), have been going on for about a year and a half now. This time, they are trying to reach out to the Cebu blogging community.

In the end, the Cebu Bloggers Society was thankful for the collaboration opportunity presented to them by the crew. And indeed, CBS could already joyfully shout, “Yehey!”

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