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CBS Circle at Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria

Mamma Maria’s Pizzeria, dubbed as the home chain of the largest pizza in the cosmopolitan, has since prodded our country’s soil in the very year of 2005. With its unstoppable beat in consumer marketing, Mamma Maria’s surmounted its chain to varied pockets in the Philippines climbing to a remarkable figure that indicates its feat. With the time being of its intrusion to the Cebu City, the deemly-regarded Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS) circle was given the handful stake of spectating its debut to the economic industry and the ribbon-cutting ceremony per se, that took place the day our country redeemed its liberality and freedom.

More so, CBS had the ample time on-looking of different activities that painted throughout the day. Pizzeria is an innate cuisine culture carved from a highly-established country, Italy. Featuring palatable homemade recipes made with only the very finest and freshest ingredients, and its aroma and taste, every individual will be in fonder of.

Mamma Maria’s pizzeria serves their delicacy with perfection taking time and care to delight every one’s directive. They dish up to a variety of pizza varying from colours, taste, ingredients, toppings, sizes, and face value. Of course, the bigger the higher in expense. Other toppings are added according to region, culture, or personal preference, pizza the likes of: Margerita, Funghi, Vesuvio, Altona, Hawaii, Capricciosa, Bravisimo, Mexicana, Opera, Parma, Vegetarian, Tropicana, Mamma Mia, Fantastico, Carousel, Bolognese, Romeo, Chicken Pizza, Quattro Stagione, Frutti Di Mare, Black & White, Calzone, Pepperoni, Kebab Pizza,Crocodile Pizza, Breakfast Boat Shaped Pizza, Kinilaw Pizza- all booked in one-piece menu leaflet with staggering beverages that will drench your consummation.

As well, what Mamma Maria’s famed of is their mammoth 52-inch pizza that neither man can blink due to its immensity. Oh how we love it! Masticating with compassion makes your day, like the Swahilis in fondle of…no worries dudes! Hakuna matata! Pasta is really a nice piece for satisfaction. Good for the tummy and comes with in combos of all spices you would really like. Ever since this culture has tiptoed in our grounds, people learned to love this European delicacy and find it handsome for past-time and recess breaks. For us, a piece or two makes worth for a meal and can manage the rest of the day.

Wholly, Mamma Maria’s not only touching Cebuano’s instant needs- but making a ballpark figure that we will be proud of. They may have their fame and truly credible for that, but we have been given the limelight to share the spotlight of their progress. Sooner than later, we may have a stopover at this lovely pizzeria with friends and family, in unison force coming face to face with this gigantic pizza to tackle. Isn’t it an awesome-wholesome effect?

Come and find the fun…It’s along the Gorordo Avenue, Cebu City!

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This article was originally crafted by Bert Padilla of CITE-Technologian.com

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