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Hobby Convention in Cebu

Last June 20, 2009, Cebu Bloggers Society covered Cebu’s first Hobby Convention (HobCon), a cosplay and gaming event. Thanks to Cane Events through our very own Doyzkie, CBS was one of the many media partners in the said event.  So what is Hobby Convention? HobCon is one big event that brings together Cebu’s cosplayers, gamers, anime & manga fanatics and also bloggers. HobCon is the bigger version of our school’s (UP Cebu) Otaku Fest .

The first HobCon was held in Parkmall in partnership with Level Up Games. Here are the main highlights of the event:

  • Cosplay competition – cosplayers from all around Cebu flocked to the event to showcase their costumes to the crowd. Parkmall was filled with familiar and not-so-familiar anime and movie characters.

  • Cosplayers skit – some cosplayers had their acting prowess also shared to the crowd. Some had song and dance numbers while some have short comedy dramas.

  • Kiddo cosplayers – I acknowledge them being categorized kiddos because of the fact the The Extraordinary Kiddo is there. The lil cosplayers were so cute that they get every attention in the area. The pictures will prove it.

  • Fashion show – sexy ladies swept the ramp with their oozing hotness.  I heard that was made by a certain designer. What amused me is that one of the models is a schoolmate and neighbor.

  • Anime figures and manga books display – On display were many anime collectibles including figures and many manga items.

After the event CBS dined at Mang Inasal’s and big thanks to Atty. Ouano for the dinner. They went to Mango to spend the rest of the night with videoke. It was so unexpected for a lot of us to come so we got cramped inside the videoke room. It was sizzling hot, but the fun never ends. CBS then turned the room into a disco house! That’s the scenario for the rest of the night before Mikyu, Sinjin and others went home first. They ended at 1 in the morning.

As Markoy said, that was a great gig! Wherever CBS is, great things happen. Til the next event guys!
By the way, Cebu Bloggers Society is tentatively joining the next Hobby Convention. The initial plan is for all of us to be in Dragonball Z cosplay costumes. Great! Looking forward to that.

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