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Cattski Live Demos

Cattski Live Demos is Cattski Espina’s online music videos in demo form.  She shares these songs while she’s in the process of producing her 4th album.  Her Live Demo “One” includes a demo of her song “Last Breath” and “Quickfix” for Live Demo 2.  These music videos are actual footage of her recording songs in the studio.

Cattski Espina is the vocalist of the popular Cebu band “Cattski” which has been aound the local music scene since 2000.  The band has already produced three albums: CATTSKI EP, VACUUM MY INSIDE and SOUND MINDS SPEAK VOLUMES.  Other band members include Anne Muntuerto (guitars) and  Junnell Codilla (drum).  You can listen to  Cattski’s songs and music videos in the following websites.




Cattski also maintains the following blogs.





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