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Milafel Hope Dacanay

“CBS is a good venue to meet new friends–not just fellow bloggers. The organization also encourages me to promote Cebu and other causes in my own little way.”

Blogger Bio:

Full Name: Milafel Hope M. Awe-Dacanay
Sex: Female
Age: 25
Status: Married
Place of Birth: Cebu City, Cebu
Highest Educational Attainment: BS in Management Accounting
Current Job: Freelance Writer/ Copy Editor

Milafel Hope Awe-Dacanay is the blog owner of LifeofLemzki, a personal blog which is free hosted in Live Journal.  She started blogging on December of 2006, and her very first blog post is entitled “A Walk Along Fuente Osmeña“.  Her recent blog posts are all related to the calamity that stucked Metro Manila.  She’s making use of her blog to convey people to help the typhoon victims in the northern part of the country.

She joined Cebu Bloggers Society to meet fellow bloggers from Cebu, and expressed her interest to help the group in any ways she can.  She’s currently one of the group’s Online Editors.

Milafel describes herself as someone who wants to make a difference.  Her favorite writers are John Grisham, Danielle Steel, Sidney Sheldon, Nicholas Sparks, and Timothy Fariss.


Hope is a good writer and very professional in handling her task in the Content Management Committee.  She’s one of the very few online editors who submits her articles on time.  I don’t know much about her personally, but I think she’s a great person, and I’m hoping that she’ll participate in the group’s upcoming activities.  — Agnes E. Jimenez, CMC Head



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