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Andrew Buenaviaje

CBS, a premiere blogging group in Cebu, is one of my best peers. You get to meet different people with different attitude, but despite all that, we are a family.

Blogger Bio:

Full Name: Andrew S. Buenaviaje

Highest Educational Attainment: BS Computer Engineering

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Place of Birth: Lapu-lapu City

Doyzkie is a person who loves travelling, eating, photography, and revoltechs, and he enjoys life to the fullest. He owns three blogs: Piggin’ Out Sessions, which is a result of his love for food; Lingaw Cebu, which is a result of his adventures in Cebu; and Doyzkie the Explorer, which is a result of his being a lakwatsero, and it is a journal of his travels around the globe and of his goals to travel the world.

Doyzkie is a friendly and happy-go-lucky guy, but he gets shy around people he doesn’t know yet.

Trivia: He loves Heroes and CSI, and his favorite movie is Entrapment.


super bubbly person who never stop bullying friends. Nyahaha! Ricky Louie de la Cruz, Author/Contributor

The semi-celebrity-media blogger who loves to roam around hunting for great treats like mouth watering foods and delectable girls. LOL! – Agnes Jimenez, VP for Content Management

he is very bubbly and very kind. and he takes nice photos! hehehe. –  Mikyu Maglasang, Online Editors Head

Amazing photographer, kind & generous, friendly and artistahin. – Bryan Karl Yuson, BOT/Online Editor

Starbucks fanatic… Idol nako iyahang Sony Alpha ug ang tag.iya… wahahaha – Prince Ryan Gilig, BOT/Branding Team

Di lang pangStarbucks.. Pwedeng-pwede sa Sony rin. – Wilhelmina Sarawi, BOT/Secretary

A well-rounded person, inside and out. – Michael Sinjin Pineda, VP for Events

Doyzkie is a photoblogger in his own right having taken pictures that captivate our minds. – Kevin Ray Chua, Spokesperson



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