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Spotlight Dance Company's Origin

Spotlight Dance Company is a dance school, a professional training ground of the country’s most promising young talents in dance that, with the help of BASELINE Restaurant and Recreation Center, started last summer, 19th of April 2010.

Pretty much new to the dance scene, Spotlight’s Creative Director is not. Ms. Ellen Marie Chua Tan has almost 22 years of experience in dance and 8 years in teaching.

Last February 20, 2011, the dance company had their first ever year end recital at the USC-GHS Cultural Center. An almost 3 hour presentation encompassing all the different dance disciplines the school offers. It was participated in by the students and the instructors themselves. The young and not-so-young showcased their talents to impress families, friends and guests.

Here’s a video clip of the POI/Fire Dance presentation:

Sorry if the video is stretched.

Regular courses in dance (Classic Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Breakdance, Ballroom, POI/Fire Dance for all levels) including performance and workshops are offered from July to March. From April to May, the school conducts a summer (6-week intensive) technique training culminating in a dance showcase.

Enroll and learn how to dance!

This article is written by Debbie Rojonan.


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