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Kevin Ray N. Chua, Signing in for Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.

As I graduated from CIT University last March 26, one thought came to me and it was about CBSi. It was telling me that something needs to be done.

Then came the moment. Last April 30, a big task was given to me: to lead CBSi and steer it on the right track. Having been elected as the 3rd CBSi President (after Mark Monta and Vernon Joseph Go who both graduated from CIT University also) is a challenge to my leadership skills and my capabilities. It would push my limit and test my strengths. The daunting task of elevating CBSi a notch higher would be something impossible without the Board of Trustees’ and members’ enthusiasm.

CBSi was founded on a Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2008, by bloggers Mark Monta together with me and Jerry Gervacio. It was made out love that encompasses all aspects of society:

  • Love for camaraderie. We envisioned a group that would unite Cebu-based and Cebuano bloggers under one spectrum. Bloggers who discuss about a range of topics and niches was an impossible thing to imagine but with CBSi, despite our differences, it has proved to be possible.
  • Love for Cebu. We want to show to the Philippines and to the world that Cebu has a vibrant blogging community. Cebu is a province rich in diversity and with blogging, I’m definite that a lot of topics are worth blogging about.
  • Love for blogging. We bloggers, whether it be hobby or career, are passionate of how our blogs can impact our readers. In CBSi, different colors unite under one rainbow. Yes, we might have different stand on different topics but we are united when it comes to blogging.

The first activity under my watch was the successful World Bloggers’ Day 2011 last May 2 which CBSi was the founder and organizer. Different bloggers around the world from as near as Australia to as far as Lebanon participated the event both offline and online with events in their respective countries to recognize the role of bloggers in our society. We feel so proud that this global event is a Cebuano product and of CBSi.

More than 3 years have past and CBSi is going stronger and moving forward. The group that started with 3 persons is now composed of more than 60. Yes, this is still a young group but it has reached the point where we never imagined it would. But we wouldn’t stop from here as we continue to grow and mature, together.

I’m looking forward for CBSi to be a role model blogging community that would be emulated by other blogging communities in redefining what bloggers and blogging are about; that we are not merely those online geeks but we are also people who support community development.



Presidential Post by:

Kevin Ray N. Chua

CBSi President



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