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Philippines deviates itself from being an agricultural country to an economy largely based in  service industry. However, agricultural outputs still contribute to the portion of the Philippine economy. The sad thing though is that those who have worked hard  in producing the products that bring food to our plate are still suffering from poverty due to many factors. One of those factors is the industrialization of agriculture produce alienating indigenous farmers who rely on their hands and the strengths of their backs and knees to cultivate crops.

I Luv Farmers, a cause that helps the low-earning farmers of the Philippines, reminds us that there is the hope in eradicating neglect that many Filipinos now view about the farmers. It is a worthy undertaking that many youths now, including the members of Cebu Blgogers Society, Inc, have embarked in, to aid the farmers. From this cause, there is this hope by helping the farmers elevate from poverty.

Farmers are the unsung heroes of our society.





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