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I Choose Tattoo, What?


Globe is very aggressive in utilizing social media to campaign its broadband product. It brings in different endorsers from sports, cosplay and now the bloggers to promote its product that seems to be eclipsed by competing broadband pockets from Sun and Smart Bro.

I remember one blogger commenting on the use of Globe Tattoo. He said and I quote: “Mas mabuti pa itong(Globe Tattoo)  i-blender kay sa isaksak sa Macbook ko”.  

And there’s one friend that harshly commented about the theme of Globe Tattoo commercials. He didn’t like it and said that the product is rubbish.

But if I take the marketing side of it, Globe is successful in bringing consistency to its theme  of video ads for its broadband product. I commend the brand and the company. However, my view may not be the same with others who prefer other competing products because of the satisfaction they’ve experienced and not to mention brand loyalty.

Different people have different views about different products. My sister uses Tattoo while a very good friend wanted to change my ancient Globe Tattoo into Sun broadband. And I’m using PLDT DSL at home, which ….

Now my blogger friends are using Tattoo and they’re even endorsing it.

This post is no way a promotion about Globe Tattoo.


How about you?

What’s your Tattoo experience?

Will you choose Globe than Smart Bro or Sun Broadband?



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