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Thankful for No Typhoon

I was expecting for Typhoon Ramon to hit today, Wednesday.

When I went to work in the morning, I noticed many highschoolers from a nearby Catholic institution packed themselves back to their respective homes ( and I know some going where their feet would lead to) while I was hoping for a jeepney to ride for work.

Cebuanos expected the typhoon to hit Wednesday, October 12, 2011 in the afternoon, perhaps, at 5-7 Pm as PAG-ASA reported.

In the afternoon, I was asked to attend a roadshow about Retail Treasury Bonds at Marco Polo Hotel with the department head where I’m currently working with.

By the way, if you want to invest in Retail Treasury Bonds, their public offering is going on from October 10-17, 2011. Ask your favorite bank, preferbaly Metrobank, BDO, BPI and Chinabank about this kind of marketable securities.

Now, while I was attending the event, a speaker relayed his optimism about the Philippine economy and about the weather in Cebu. The economy is bright enough to be compared to the EU crisis.

True enough, though it was not so dusky but cumulonimbus clouds started to blanket the afternoon sky closer to twilight, the weather didn’t indicate a possible coming of a strong typhoon.

Tropical depression Ramon, though it hit other parts in the Philippines, was not destructive as we thought it might be, possibly bringing more floods to the city of Cebu and its nearby cities such as Mandaue.

Thankfully, the typhoon alleviated itself into tropical depression. However, Cebuanos should expect for more rains to downpour especially now that we are nearing the cold season with longer nights and shorter days.

Do we have to blame PAG-ASA for the false reporting?

We don’t have to for PAG-ASA only reports what it can predict about the weather. There is no accuracy in the weather forecast system in Cebu especially now that we are experiencing climate change.

However, one event was forced to postpone because of the typhoon that said to hit the city and the entire Cebu. The Moonwalk for Breast Cancer Awareness should have happened this afternoon but was impeded to occur because of “Ramon”.

Note: I referred to the date October 12, 2011, Wednesday the typhoon expected to bring unfavorable disaster in the metro and the date the events I’ve mentioned here. 

BY: Bjornson Bernales

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