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The All New Tita Julie

In celebration of 30 years of providing the Filipinos with the best neighborhood bakeshop experience, Julies’ Bakeshop breaks free from the ordinary and delivers more than the usual!

 Constantly innovating to address the growing needs of consumers, Julie’s is taking a turn for the long run thru various stages of continuing improvements. To start with, the new Julie’s logo is now free of borders; characteristic of the company’s thrust to break free from the old and move constantly forward. Also noticeable among 500

Julie’s Bakeshops nationwide is the new store façade, revamped with fresh vibrant colors adding to a whole new look.

Adding to the freshness and dynamism of the Julie’s group is the all new Julie’s mascot.

Clad in a bright yellow dress with a red apron and red headband, the all new Tita Julie is as refreshing as sunshine on a clear summer day! The all new Julie’s mascot is a much younger version of the previous Tita Julie with a wide welcoming smile, appealing to both young and mature consumers.

With all these up their sleeve, there is nowhere else to go for Julie’s Franchise Corporation but forward. Never aging at 30, constantly improving to give patrons only the best.




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