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Only the best speakers for the 2nd Visayas Blogging Summit 2011

The Visayas Blogging Summit or VBS 2011 promises to bring the best of “Blogging and Beyond” as bloggers from provinces in the Visayas flock to SM City Cebu on November 26, 2011 for biggest social media gathering of the year.

“It will be an experience of leveling up in terms of skills and perspectives designed to make the Visayas blogging community perform a vital role in community-building online and offline,” said Ruben Licera, Chairman of the VBS 2011 Organizing Committee.

“To achieve this, we invited speakers who are not only reputable bloggers but have also made significant contributions in their own fields with the help of social media,” he said.

The summit proper, Licera said, will begin with three speakers on helping personal bloggers improve not only their skills but also in finding their niche online, and achieving excellence:

Vernon Joseph Go, former president of the Cebu Bloggers Society and CAMMA Awardee for Personal Blogging. Mr. Go will share his experiences and give a few tips on “Personal Blogging.”

The founder of Cebu Blog Camp and an active member of the CBSi, Evanjohn Mendoza, will talk on finding one’s niche in the Blogosphere.

Recent Philippine blog award winner Max Limpag will focus on “Blogging and Excellence”. Max Limpag is also the current Business Editor for Sun Star Cebu.

From personal blogging, virtual CEO and founder of Live2Sell Group of Companies Chris Ducker, the keynote speaker, will raise the ante as he focuses on blogging as a profession.

“Mr. Duckerhas made it big in the professional blogging industry. We thought that inviting him over would greatly benefit bloggers and would-be bloggers who are looking into making a career out of blogging,” shared Mr. Licera.

With social media and blogging becoming indispensable for business, the next batch of speakers will talk about the importance of blogging as a social media tool as well as the responsibility that goes with it.

Joanne Apat of Gwion Limited Hong Kong will speak about the ABC’s of using the social media as a tool for business.

The next speaker works for a big name in the telecommunications industry. Mr. Coy Caballes of Globe Telecom will be dishing out useful tips for successful social media campaigns.

Another popular name in the blogosphere is Mr. Bradley Geiser, the co-founder of GeiserMaclang Marketing Communications. This multi-awarded figure in social media marketing and online public relations will share his expertise on “Online Content Warfare—the next wave of digital PR”.

“Blogging is not only about making money. Over the years, it has become an effective tool for social change—good or bad. This is why we have invited a few key persons who will talk about the responsibility behind the power of the social media tools,” Licera said.

Philippine Internet Marketing Queen and the Mother of the E-Commerce Law, Miss Janette Toral, will discuss blogging as a tool for social change. Miss Toral is a published author of books such as Blogging from Home and Digital Filipino: An E-Commerce Guide for the e-Filipino.

Kabataan Party List House Representative Raymond Palatino, an activist, legislator and regional editor for Southeast Asia of Global Voices, shall delve on the “Role of the Social Media for Change”.

With the help of blogging, a lot of community projects have also pushed through. Sharing her experiences on the topic, “Community Projects that need Social Media Assistance” is the Communications Officer for Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc., Haidee Emmie Palapar.

A respected name synonymous to extending help to the less fortunate Filipinos, Gina Lopez who is the Managing Director of the ABS-CBN Foundation Inc., will talk about blogging for a social cause.

 With this slew of world-class speakers pooling all their ideas and expertise, the 2nd Visayas Blogging Summit is sure to go beyond expectations.

Now this is something to blog about.

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