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Sinulog is the Grandest Festival in the Philippines

Tell me other festivals in the Philippines that can attract a crowd in millions.  I think only Sinulog can do it.

 The Black Nazarene procession in Manila can draw in millions of crowd. But that is a religious event and yes, it is strictly religious– not that I know many of it since I haven’t even experienced joining that kind of event in Manila. But the Sinulog is far different for it mixes religion, devotion, fun and street party.

I’d say you have missed one half of your life if you haven’t joined the crowd in Sinulog. You don’t really have to join the choreographed street dancing. Let those dancers do it. However, if you really want to dance for Sinulog, then attend the last novena mass after the procession on the eve of the Sinulog day. You can surely dance with other churchgoers and be in the drumbeat with the priests and other devotees.

Why I say Sinulog is the grandest festival in the Philippines?

It’s a yearly tradition in Cebu to hold the festival event in honor of Sto. Nino.  And almost every year, the festival is getting grander. Not only Cebuanos can enjoy Sinulog. Local tourists from all over the Philippines and even foreign ones have to join Sinulog because it really is Super Fun in Sinulog.

Even from other locales in the Philippines, they join the Sinulog parade to feature their dancing routines. There are contingents from Lanao del Norte, Dumaguete and other parts in the Philippines. Hence, the Sinulog dancing is not strictly for Cebu-based contingents. That’s one of the foremost reasons why Sinulog is the grandest parade because even non-Cebu contingents enter the dancing scene to show their veneration to the Child Jesus.

But Sinulog is not only a religious event. If you venture out on the streets of Cebu, many businessmen consider it as an opportunity for business. Yes, it’s sad to say this but Sinulog is an event for commercialism. But do we have to deny this fact? It should not be for it is part of the development when there is a big festival such as this in your area especially in the area where I was born and raised for over 20 years of my life.

 Just to plug-in: tonight is the special Sinulog Tattoo party from Globe at Ayala Terraces. Expect more happenings at the party including the fireworks display in Ayala, which is already a yearly tradition during Sinulog.




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