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Super Fun Sinulog with Globe

As much as I experienced exhaustion being in the procession, painstakingly trudging for the Child Jesus and getting jam-packed in over a million people in a crowd of devotees, fun was never dull on the eve of Sinulog.

Yes, it was really fun despite the tiresome and exhilarating march during the procession. But after the mass that concluded the over 5 hours of procession, churchgoers and devotees danced the Sinulog beat with vigor. Even I forgot the exhaustion when I saw thousands in the crowd, dancing and singing the official Sinulog song. I couldn’t even help myself but also danced with them.  But this is to be expected in Sinulog where devotion and fun are among the elements of the festival. There’s devotion and then glee just like in Globe.

This Sinulog season of 2012, the super fun never stops in Globe. One of the big telco companies in the Philippines is in rhythm with the drumbeat of Sinulog this 2012.

The super stick that is getting more powerful through innovation can be grabbed while you’re in the streets of Cebu City during Sinulog. Globe with its  Tattoo brand and broadband stick has stationed different booths where the Sinulog beat is throbbing and where the music that  makes you dance with the Sinulog participants in tribal and colorful costumes never ceases to wane—of course, only during the Sinulog day.

Although I failed to get pictures of Globe tattoo booths as I joined the procession, I still was impressed, nonetheless, on how Globe takes part and be in one beat with the Cebuanos, the tourists and whole Sinulog crowd.

Globe also has a lot of activities in store for Cebu and the Sinulog crowd.

IBG & SalesPINOY Homecoming/Balik-Cebu 2012 LaunchJan 12
SalesSales blitzes & on-ground sellingJan 6-31
Sinulog Idol 2012 (talent search)Jan 6-12 (Finals on Jan 12)
Globe PrepaidBar Events (MO2, Beats, Popeye, J Avenue, Amnesia)Jan 13-15
TMNew offer launch for Cebu & Iloilo (Details TBC)Jan 13-15
TM AstigfestJan 14
TattooClub Party at The PenthouseJan 14
Tattoo party at Ayala TerracesJan 15, Sinulog Day

There’s Super Fun with Globe  this Sinulog… the way the fun never stops until the wee of dawn during the Sinulog day– from the religious masses in the morning, the Sinulog parade the whole day and the parties from dusk ‘til dawn. Of course, the party already started during the eve of Sinulog. There’s no other religious events where even the party can be held within the holy grounds of the Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino.


by: Bjornson Bernales

Blogger and author of Bjorn Cebuano. He is also the Editor of cebubloggers.com

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