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Cebu False Tsunami Alert Could Qualify for an April Fool's Day Prank


If February 6 would have been April 1, then  the Tsunami Alert would be qualified as an April Fool’s Prank.

Looking back on February 6 when many Cebuanos feared for their lives because of the tsunami alert, I can’t help but take that event as very memorable, for it showed the  vulnerability of Cebuanos to pranks. The February 6 tsunami alert would have been one of the hair-raising events that occurred in Cebu.

I also have learned that there can be no way the eastern side of Cebu would ever experience a tsunami or a big tidal wave. The Danajon Bank, the Double Barrier Reef, which I have known from an event in February 27 of this year, is a sea wonder that could serve as barricade for a tsunami. With this reef located in the eastern side of Cebu encompassed by Olango island, Camotes island and Bohol,   Cebu is very unlikely to be hit by a tsunami.

And now, tomorrow is April Fool’s Day. It may be mean to do this, but if I’d be honest,  I would consider th Cebu tsunami alert as an April Fool’s prank if only February 6 was April 1.


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