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Head  on to The Persimmon Plus on March 31, Saturday, for a most meaningful
Earth  Hour  2012  with  family  and  friends  and  the  rest of the global

Get  to  thinking big in commitment to Mother Earth, The Persimmon Plus, at
The  Persimmon,  along  M.  J.  Cuenco  Avenue in Mabolo, Cebu City hosts a
variety  of  activities  in  Switch  Off,  offering  the community a way to
contribute  to  environmental solutions in the largest global demonstration
of concern for the Earth.

Switch  Off  features  Cebu  Trivia  Night,  brain-wracking,  rib-tickling,
unnerving  fun.  Cebu Trivia Night is open to anyone and everyone raring to
pit  wits with other teams sure to claim knowing everything about the earth
and anything under the sun.

It  will  also  be a wonderful display of artistry as Bernardo Flores takes
the  spotlight  with  his  high fashion collection interspersed with music,
fire  dancers and commitment-signing.  Flores has earned a name for himself
in  the local fashion centerstage with distinct bridal couture, dressing up
a sizeable number of celebrities and personalities.

Percs  Republic  and  Coro  Serenata  will  also  be offering upbeat music,
bringing everyone to celebrate beyond the hour.

The  Persimmon  Plus  is  gathering entrepreneurs for the Earth Hour Bazaar
offering unique items ranging from food to fashion accessories.

Fretzie  Alquiza,  AboitizLand’s Commercial Business Unit Marketing Officer
said  that  Earth  Hour  is  aligned  to AboitizLand’s promise of nurturing
communities.  “We  are collaborating with a variety of stakeholders to take
sustainable  action not just on the hour but beyond, thus uniting people to
protect the planet.”

The  emerging  event place of the city, The Persimmon Plus houses Carlito’s
Way  Diner,  Dong Juan, Mr. Coffee, Pan de Manila, Happy Rooster Home Décor
Café  ensuring  the  best casual dining experience. It is also a convenient
place  to  do  regular  grocery  shopping (Three Sixty Pharmacy), pampering
(Bright  Smiles),  and other serviced activities (Softwash Laundromat, Cebu
Trip Tours, Bernardo C. Flores and Aboitiz Jebsen).

The  Persimmon  Plus  is  the  commercial  hub  of The Persimmon, the first
vertical  community  developed  by  AboitizLand,  Inc.  It joins the Mactan
Economic Zone 2, another AboitizLand industrial development and the rest of
the  global  community,  in  dimming  and shutting off non-essential lights
during Earth Hour 2012, from 8:30 – 9:30 p.m.

Like  The  Persimmon  Plus (Official) on Facebook to know more about Switch
Off: The Persimmon Plus Earth Hour Celebration.(PR)

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