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The Persimmon Studios: Young Professionals' Perfect Place

This review is written and compiled by Geezelle Tapangan.

Shelter before is among the three most basic need of humankind, it still does today but most people especially the young adults has another impression if we talk about shelter or home. Houses now are not mere structures that keep us from bad weather; instead, it is a mark of success. A person who has its own place (not living with parents) is considered successful by peers, and this is because most young professionals thinks that owning a house, studio unit or a condo unit is hard to achieve.

The percentage of young professionals in Cebu is growing, thus real estate industry in Cebu is booming, yet none keenly observes the demand of shelter for a young professional like me, until Aboitizland has launched its latest project and last installment of the Aboitizland urban village “The Persimmon Studios”

What differs The Persimmon Studios from Others?

Photo Credit: www.geemiz.com

Aside from the reality that The Persimmon Studios will be situated in The Persimmon urban village of Aboitizland along M. J. Cuenco Avenue, Mabolo it is on top as the lowest available fully furnished studio unit in Cebu. For as low as 7, 888 pesos you can stay at your own home with complete furniture’s and some basic branded appliances, and to top all that, the studio is perfectly design to match a young professionals lifestyle.

Bloggers Thought about the Studio

The Persimmon Studios is a type of studio apartment that combines all the entities of a house such as a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom into an occasionally confined place. The interior is professionally designed with fully furnished studio units; i.e., combinable units, which allows greater flexibility for residents to choose from a wide range of size.http://market.cebuseo.com

The Persimmon Studio condo village is perfect for busy young professionals, students and design-conscious individuals that deserve convenience in a fully functional home after a day’s work.http://cebuphotolog.blogspot.com

Now, still thinking twice? If condo living in the Urban haven of Cebu is what you want, The Persimmon Studios could be the answer! And note, it’s professionally furnished with all the basic appliances you need! It’s an opportunity for all! Note, the time value of money! It’s good to acquire properties when they are selling at low prices!!!http://www.obnoxiousqueer.com

Personally I encourage my co-young professional peers to get a unit of The Persimmons Studios because it is so worth the price and a good start of investing money wisely and properly.www.geemiz.com

If you want to experience the feeling of success and invest your money properly, then getting a studio unit at The Persimmon studios would be a good start.

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