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Learn How to Generate Qualified Traffic for Your Blogs or Websites from Herbert Kikoy

Driving traffic to a blog is one of the essential things a blogger can do and should do in gaining reputation and a “name” in the blogosphere. It can be arduous at first, a fact that should be taken with consideration and focus if the aim is to become a professional blogger with authority in a certain niche.

Maintaining traffic to a blog site also takes smart work, an activity that may seem redundant, a kind of routine.  But as the blog gains traction in the amount of visitors, it  would become more relevant to learn and apply the things that can keep a blog’s traffic on a rising level.

Although attaining a plateau in the level of traffic may be deemed a goal, it is a challenge for a blogger to beat the odds and not take complacency to heart.

This Saturday, August 25, 2012,  Herbert Kikoy, the blogger behind Two-sided Perspective, will share his techniques in gaining traffic to a blog. A freelance internet marketing expert by profession and a blogger by recognition and passion, Herbert is ready to share what he learns from trial and errors and perseverance in SEO blogging and social media, in which, as he quoted, “the inevitable ingredients in Internet marketing”.

The opportunity to hear the topic entitled:  How to Generate Qualified Traffic to a Blog/Website”, from a SEO professional is one of the privileges of a member of Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc.

Herbert is increasingly recognized as an SEO professional in Cebu blogosphere, a status exemplified on the number of visitors, his Alexa Rank and his drive to gain higher PR(page rank) for his blog sites.

Yes, Herbert has more blogs than what a blogger can manage. But he has secrets on how he can maintain and augment the SEO statuses of his blogs despite his job as a freelancer in ODesk, his zeal in attending exclusive media events and his time for his family as a family man.

Generating qualified traffic to a blog or website is what the bloggers of Cebu Bloggers Society, Inc. can learn from Herbert Kikoy. This is an exclusive event for CBSI members this Saturday, August 25, 2012 at 2-4 pm at Max’s Restaurant in SM City Cebu.


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