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Blogger of the Week: Jaysee Pingkian

No one spells “awesome” way, way better than Jaysee Pingkian. He’s smart, funny, and confident. He’s an over-the-top achiever, a certified Dean’s Lister, and a recent awardee of Good Blog of the Year by Gadgets. He’s a prolific website designer and is an upcoming magazine writer for Xync. An advocate, friend, son, professional, blogger—indeed, Jaysee is born to define “amazing.”

First question. What got you into blogging?

I tried out the blogging tool in Friendster writing about overly dramatic high school blabs, which were no biggie. Then I discovered WordPress.com where I wrote about the great websites I stumbled in, but it was when I switched to Blogger that made the site www.jaysee.me what it is today — a site that showcases anything awesome from Advocacy, Governance, Life, Cebu Events, and so much more.

So you got a tattoo! Where’s what? What is it? Does it mean something to you?

I got it last Christmas. Here’s a little secret. I got one because I wasn’t in a really good place in my life at that time, and I needed something to remind me to keep living no matter what because the same fire that burns the butter is definitely the same fire that hardens steel.

How was your stint in Mandaue City Hall? What’s your work? Why did you join the program?

It’s Cebu City Hall actually. I was under an internship program for the MICS department, and I was tasked in rebuilding the Cebu City Website, which was really fun and exciting! The people who worked there are really wonderful! But I got hired by WebXPress in IT Park a month later, so I finished my internship with them while I was in college.

You’re a popular CBSi Blogger! But what are the top 3 things we don’t know about you yet?

Popular jud? Hahah! Thank you for the accolade! One, I love reading books. In fact, I read them during work at Xlibris! When I’m not designing books, I just grab a book and start flipping through another amazing world only I know. Second I’m a sucker for leche flan and my auntie Jing and my older sister Tisha make the best ones ever!!! Third I play the Sims! Like a lot! I still think it is the best game mankind has ever done!

I am not part of YMA, but I know it’s grueling. How did you become a part of it, and what’s the biggest lesson you can share with us?

I was encouraged by Kuya Iggy and Ms. Nance so I rallied up my bestfriends and cousin for a chance of a lifetime. Amazing 10-month program lineup and speakers! RAFI did one heck of a job! There are A LOT of things I learned, but I think that the biggest thing I realized is that there is always something we can do for the country no matter how young you are and that there is hope! You have to meet these wonderful people and communities to be able to see that if we put our acts together, great things actually do happen.

You have a number of great advocacies. Which one is the closest or most meaningful to you?

The closest, and I’m still looking for means to promote it, is cancer prevention and cure. I’ve lost great family and friends to this, and almost everyone can relate so. I think this is something we have an equal chance in battling with and most of the time win over if we are just armed with the right information and early detection.

What’s the idea behind Mega Philippines and Life Tweaker?

Mega Philippines is a spin-off of www.jaysee.me. I am envisioning it would be a hub where people would know about the great things happening in this country whether it is about corporate social responsibility programs, civic society and initiatives, NGOs, government projects and more. Life Tweaker is a how-to blog where I may have to do a lot of tweaking myself I just didn’t have the time, but it is promising to be a site that helps you with do-it-yourself tasks for your home or everyday living.

At such a young age, you have a lot of things on your plate. How did you manage to be your school’s dean’s lister, graduate cum laude, and remain active in CBS?

Thank you for appreciating! I think it goes without saying that I am focused and I know where I stand and where I want to be. I know what I can do and I make the most out of it. I know what needs to come first and priorities conflict, so I try not to make bad decisions or at least go with the least damage. Time management is everything. Loving everything I do because it makes the effort half as much as it should especially when it comes to projects and studying. And just basically becoming the very best version of myself everyday.

What makes Jaysee Blabs the best blog on earth?

It is written by the very best person on earth. Just kidding. Or not. Hahah. Seriously, no other blog could mirror the passion I have for anything awesome be it cruel and enlightening realizations in life or learning about anything that can change the world.

Who’s your favorite blogger? Why?

I’ve not told anyone about this but I’m a huge fan of Sinjin’s Libotero.com blog. He has images that literally can make you gasp. I also love how you, Ate Milafel (thank you — ed), Ms. Nance and Ms. Mayette Tabada weave words together. Inspiring.

Okay, it’s pretty clear you don’t like milk tea. But on the upside, what makes Jaysee’s day truly beautiful?

Hahah! When I am with friends or with family and basically having a good time be it a simple gathering or a meet-up makes my day really amazing! I could not think of anything else that could make me wanna pass up an opportunity to see family or friends laugh and be merry. I always want to be remembered as a great friend or a great family to have.

Can you share 3 tips on how to go about with corporate branding?

The common misconception that people have is that branding is about the logo. Partly that is true. But corporate branding is about delivering your brand promises and brand attributes in visual ways consistently. It goes beyond marketing. You cannot put a price tag on reputation whether you are a business or an individual so you must invest and put a premium when you want to project an image or send a message to your target audience. If you are someone who needs guidance on this I am offering my freelance services too!

“Life is unfair but it loves those who dare live it.” How do you make the most of your life?

I learn from the past, live in the moment and enjoy what is happening now rather than think about scenarios that spoil the future. I grew up having less in life so basically when I had it all I appreciated everything I had and have never forgotten those who helped me get there. I’m a risk taker but it is never an assurance to succeed but I keep trying anyways but to those special times where I had taken a bold step and reaped great rewards from it, I savor every piece of it without worries, without doubts. Well I am someone who never regrets things from happening. I may shatter but the most important thing is that I stand up again.

What are the three things you love about Cebu?

My life in here. The great NGO programs we have. The fun things you can do with family and friends!

What makes CBS special?

An organization that grows with you. I could remember how meek I was two years ago when they welcomed me and now I’ve seen much of what it’s capable of. We are able to forge partnerships with the government, biggest NGOs, and the biggest businesses. We have members who are beyond world-class, hardworking and most of all awesome in all sorts. I will always be proud to be part of such a wonderful family and I hope our visions will be realized sooner than we thought guided by our mission along the path.


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