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Samsung Galaxy S III launched in Cebu

Last month, Samsung Philippines formally launched its latest flagship Android smartphone — the Samsung Galaxy S3 — here in Cebu and lucky for us, we got the chance to witness the said event. Of course, we did not just enjoy the party but we were also truly amazed with the Galaxy S3. Why? Read on to find out.


Samsung has yet again been able to prove to its universal market base that it’s still the company to beat in so far as innovative mobile phones are involved. Though the Samsung Galaxy S2 is still considered as among the best gadgets ever, there is the Samsung Galaxy S3 that is even better in all the aspects that the earlier models might have been faulted for.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 features a quad-core processor which makes the phone’s speed faster than other competitive phones. It’s also engraved within a larger screen than the S2. The screen has even been argued as being somewhere close to a tablet’s display. Moreover, the viewer interface too is spectacular as the touch effect has been made even more sensitive to even the slightest of touches.

The phone has also been characterized with talk back features able to allow the user to talk their way through the varied phone functions. The lush looking display resembles that of the HTC One X but the Galaxy S3 has uniquely inviting array unlike any other. It is also relatively thinner and lighter than the other. Indeed, the Galaxy S3 is capable of boasting its features within the market. Its price is slightly expensive but is expected to shift depending on how it will fair in the extensive markets. It has a suggested retail price of Php32,990.

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