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Blogger of the Week: Puri Mabano

Blogger of the Week

This might as well be a beautiful temporary send-off for Purisaniley, more known to us as Puri. The gorgeous lass is about to begin a Parisian journey! But before her eventual trip, let’s know first her struggles of finding he own identity, her great love for food such as danggit and adobo, and some of her wildest dreams.

First question. What got you into blogging?

First off, thank you so much, Milafel, for choosing me as the CBSi blogger of the week, it’s an honor. For one thing, what really got me into blogging was the opportunity of sharing to others what I know, the things that make me happy, and my future travels all over the world (Hey, a girl can dream right?!). At first, I didn’t really see it as “blogging”; it was more of like a journal. But, over the years, it just evolved to a general blog about the awesome things of Cebu.

What are you up to these days?

For the past few weeks and up to recently, I’m been juggling with a flurry of activities: organizing events, going to events, processing my Visa requirements for this French scholarship, Exams, projects, Sign language lessons. I’m still adjusting myself to this new found state of busy-ness but I’m rather enjoying the fact that I don’t run out of activities to do. It keeps me distracted, It’s rather fun and did I mention crazy? Well I said it.

You said in your Facebook profile you are “adamant in reaching your wildest dreams.” Care to share what these dreams are?

Oh, you read that? I didn’t expect somewhat would take the time to read that boring stuff. But, thank you for wasting your time with me anyway, I appreciate it. If truth be told, I’ve always dreamed of traveling all over the world and staying/working in one country for a year before I jump off to another country for another year and list goes on, I just feel so drawn to another country’s culture offering new perspective and adventure every single day, that’s why I took up BS HRM because the job opportunity is so wide and varied. Though it’s only one of my wildest dreams, there’s no guarantee that it may come true but if God wills it to be than that would be awesome!

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done so far?

Craziest? (laughs) It’s too crazy, I’d rather not say it. But here’s something I can share. Back in high school, I was practically a child then, we used to play “I dare you” with my friends. It got to a point where we dared ourselves to run the opposite direction in an elevator ramp. While people were going down, we ran the opposite direction shouting and laughing like crazy and everybody just stared at us. It was a challenge and sort of an exercise as we have to exert more effort just to reach the other end. It was so much fun and a bit embarrassing.

It seems you like food! Beauty pageant question: if you can liken yourself to a certain food, what would you be, and why?

I would choose to be an adobo, it’s yummy, salty, a bit sweet. Sometimes, it can be cooked with a lot of sauce and sometimes, dried. And, most of all, it’s the favorite of many.

You’re a popular CBSi Blogger! But what are the top 3 things we don’t know about you yet?

Popular? I’m really not. (laughs) First thing, I used to be a rebel. I would usually cut classes and try to do anything to be absent and to skip school I guess the reason behind that was that I felt as though I was treated indifferently, like I was an outcast, I was also suffering from a mild case of depression and identity crisis and my parents didn’t even know about it. I often found myself feeling drained, having fatigue and headaches every day. It was tough times. But, what I meant about the identity crisis part was not being attracted to the same sex but it was more of like being confused of who I truly am, the qualities that would make me different as a person.

2nd, I joined lots of organizations in college, Red Cross, Peer Counselors, Theatre Guild, and the Carolinian Publication but being the Circulation Manager in the Publication was short-lived since I was having my Practicum at Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa at that time and I’m usually out of school so it was hard to cope up with it considering that commuting from USC-Main to Lapu-Lapu City would steal 2 hours of my time.

Lastly, With God’s grace, I got this scholarship to France where I get to stay there for a whole month, all expense paid. I didn’t expect I would actually get chosen but I really prayed and fasted for it since I want it so badly and letting it go would be like passing a day’s breath, so there you have it, I’ll most probably leave this October 13, 2012. (Super excited!)

Are you still in school? How’s your stint in Imperial Palace and Water Park?

Yes, I’m currently a College Junior taking up BS Hotel and Restaurant Management. My stint in Imperial Palace Waterpark Resort and Spa was probably one the most memorable things that have happened to me. Their management is really good, they truly know how to give importance to their employees and even to their Practicumers and the people I met there were one of the most disarming, down-to-earth and happy people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Is Puri your real name? How did your parents come up with that?

Actually, Puri is just the shortcut of Purisaniley L. Mabano, my name is the combination of my Mother “Purificacion” and my Father “Sanceno”, and they just added ley at the very end. Walla! There you have it.

What’s the best thing man has ever invented?

Wow, I didn’t expect there would be so many questions to this. J Moving on, I bet the best thing man has ever invented was the computer. Without it, life would be extremely hard and boring.

Who’s your favorite blogger? Why?

Whenever I would have the luxury of time, I would often follow Patty Laurel from http://www.pattylaurel.com/. I love how she’s so updated with her blog, I don’t know how she does it but despite her hectic schedules she always finds the time to update her blog everyday and I really admire how she writes in a funny and witty way. I also love Katrina San Juan from www.katrinaandthegreatworld.tumblr.com, her blog is gorgeous. She has very keen observations on her travels, giving off a different perspective in life. I also love the fact that her blog is so full of art, full of color, full of soul, full of life!

What are the best three things about being single?

How did you know I’m single? Hahah It’s the truth though, I’m not denying it. The best thing about it is the freedom, no commitments and you get to do the things that you want without getting structured on someone else’s rules and plans. It’s liberating, being singularly happy!

What makes Puri very happy?

Well, my friends, my family and most especially my God. That’s what fuels me. His love and grace gives me delight every day and I’m very grateful for His gifts of joy and laughter, peace and good health. I’m so happy how he fixed my once shattered past, how He sets me free and made my life brand new.

What are the three things you love about Cebu?

I love the city life of Cebu, there are so many events and malls! There’s Ayala Center, SM Cebu and dozens of Gaisano Malls scattered all over the place. I also love the tourist spots of Cebu: The Churches, The immaculate, white sand beaches in the North and South, and Kawasan Falls. The Cebuano food is also one of my favorite, I can’t get enough of its Lechon and Danggit!  The Queen City of the South, rich in history and culture truly offer tourists an unrivaled taste of past and future in this beautiful and fast-improving city and every place always has a story to tell. Enjoyment is guaranteed.

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