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CBSi Conducts Social Media Responsibility Seminar to CTU students

Responsible use of social media is one of the Cebu Bloggers’ Society, Inc.’s (CBSi) advocacies even as it opposes the Cybercrime Law with its several questionable sections especially those threatening freedom of expression and free speech.

Recently, CBSi represented by Dr. Narciso Tapia and Bjorn Bernales conducted a seminar on Social Media Responsibility last October 24, 2012 at the Computer Laboratory 1, ICT Building of the Cebu Technological University’s (CTU) Main Campus. This is in line with the school’s Social Media Week with the theme “Advancing technology for a Better and Livable Environment”. It was attended by mostly students and some faculty of the said school.

In his Opening Remarks, Dr. Godofredo Loremia, Dean of the College of Technology stressed that with its increasing availability, it is important that students learn how to use technology, particularly social media, responsibly.

Speakers from CBSi reinforced Dr. Loremia’s advice by reminding the audience that what is posted in social media accounts should be assumed to be publicly seen not just by “friends”. The speakers also pointed out that posts made online including photos can affect future employment opportunities. They added that students should also take good care of the image presented by their online profiles.

In the same seminar, the Cybercrime Law was also discussed. The topic was also requested by the students who showed a keen interest in the said issue being a school with an active online community.

In the future, CBSi hopes to work with students including those from CTU in spreading its advocacies through blogging and similar school-based activities through its Junior CBSi program headed by Mark Razonable.

Should you wish for us to visit your school to share our advocacies or if interested in our Junior CBSi program, you may leave us a message here or drop by Facebook.

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