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CebuTechjobs.com is now CebuJobs.ph

Okay, this may seem a stale news to you as the transition took place just last year, to be exact three months ago on October 8, 2012. But our friend from CebuJobs.ph and ClickingLabs gave us the press release and it stated there the official change in name as well as the steering of direction for the classifieds website.

“The company’s strategic recent rebranding was the response to the strong demand of the market for a wider array of opportunities for jobseekers.” This is from the statement from Cebujobs.ph’s press release.

The change is part of the business’ re-branding as it widens its horizon and listings that not only include tech jobs but also other types of jobs. This, in turn, makes it in competition directly with MyNimo.com and CebuClassifieds.com.

The harnessing of social media is also part of the change, an aspect in which other classified jobs in Cebu haven’t really honed well. Though social media should be integral for a business site’s expansion beyond the website’s realm, it seems that this is still in the works for many of the Cebu’s sites.




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