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Aboitiz Group Partners with Earth Hour

The Aboitiz Group of companies will join the Earth Hour celebration on March 23 at Plaza Independencia in Cebu. The Aboitiz Group is one of the biggest composite organizations and investors in Cebu and they are very proud to join the world-wide event.

The Earth Hour is a worldwide celebration which encourages domestic and business establishments to turn their lights off for at least an hour to provoke awareness on taking immediate action with the biggest threat the world is currently experiencing; climate change.

Earth Hour was organized by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in 2007. Last year, they launched a campaign with the commitment of inspiring the worldwide community to go farther the hour, by using social media, and stimulating them in taking maintainable actions that will benefit the environment and thrusting its preservation. More than 50 countries have been part of this monumental effort.

“The Aboitiz Group believes in Earth Hour’s cause and for the 4th straight year, takes part in this Earth Hour movement.   Our group, driven by our Passion for a Better World, continues to pursue initiatives that are aligned with our sustainability pillars Rejuvenate nature, Reuse and recycle, Reduce, Renewable energy and Recharge communities,” shares Erramon Aboitiz, Aboitiz Equity Ventures president and CEO.

The presence of Aboitiz Group in the Earth Hour implies that the conglomerate has a substantial undertaking in participating with the genesis of the global event.

“Our APARK (Aboitiz Passion for Reforest and Agro forest to Keep) program is the group’s biodiversity enhancement program that aims to plant 3 million trees by 2015. We will not stop here.  We will continue with this initiative because we believe that no one can ever plant enough trees.  We will align APARK with the “I Will If You Will” campaign and challenge not just our team members but our business partners, suppliers and the communities where our businesses operate,” enthuses Erramon Aboitiz.

Currently, the Aboitiz Group has already planted 2.68 million trees and is very eager to hit the 3 million goal this year.

Race to Reduce is another crusade by the Aboitiz Group wherein team members from various departments take part in minimizing consumption of energy, paper, and water.

“Our sustainability advocacy continues as we explore ways to strike the balance of People, Planet and Profit in our business operations. It is only in striking this balance can we pass on a robust business operating on a healthy planet for future generations,” he says.

Join Earth Hour and the various activities prepared this Saturday, March 23, 2013 and help sustain our world.

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