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Financial IQ Workshop and Cash Flow Board Game at Global Hub

The term “rat race” conjures the image of rats in a maze. They go in circles, trying to find their way out or to taste their object of desire (in this case, a small piece of cheese) found at the end, without realizing they’re spending a lot of energy and time. In fact, a lot of rats die in the process.

This is a perfect analogy to a pointless pursuit.

It’s basically the same thing about life, especially if we’re going to talk about careers and finances. We know what our cheeses are, yet we have no idea how to get them. Or perhaps we do, but we’re simply scared to take calculated risks. Instead, we labored for hours on end, living from paycheck to paycheck and moving from one job to another, hoping that these will take us somewhere.

Being in a rat race is exhausting, which then explains why a lot of people resign themselves to the so-called poor fate. But the truth is you can definitely get out of the maze early and get your share of cheese by being pointed in the right direction.

This coming April 12, 2013, at 6:00 p.m., play one of the most popular finance-enlightening games in the world: CashFlow. Developed by the Finance Master himself Robert Kiyosaki, the game aims to help you evaluate where exactly you are in the rat race, which decisions you’re doing wrong, and what types of fears are holding you back. Most of all, it tells you the best ways to finally reach your dreams and achieve REAL financial freedom–those that are truly worth the effort.

The CashFlow board game is fun and interactive without losing or undermining life’s important lessons in investing, decision making, and spending.

To make the entire game even more worth it, a professional finance counselor will facilitate and provide a comprehensive post-game analysis, so you will never forget the significant pointers you gain.

Visit GlobalHub’s Facebook page (link to their page) for more information.

Event Details:

What: Financial IQ Workshop with CashFlow board game
When: April 19, 2013, 6:00 p.m.(moved from April 19,2013)
Where: The Executive Suites, Global Hub Serviced Office, Suite 1204, 12/F Keppel Center, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City
Registration Fee: P500 for the first participant; for every friend you bring along, each person will only pay Php 350. Come in pair, pay only P850.

Written by: Milafel Hope Dacanay

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