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Raul Agas and His Perspectives of Art

A dream is only a dream if you keep on living a dormant life and a dream has led Raul Agas to reach the stars, which eventually improved his life and the life of his family.

Photo courtesy of Raul Agas official Facebook page
Photo courtesy of Raul Agas official Facebook page

Who is Raul Agas?

Raul Agas is a Cebuano artist who pursued a dream. Being a visual artist and maker of elaborate moldings, he strived to earn a living but as the years go by, his artworks were able to support him. He is not just any artist. He is a master in the making!

He has gained the love and approbation of art enthusiasts and lovers for producing magnificent works of art.

Raul Agas as Featured

Raul Agas also received recognition from his fellow artists. He was featured in Philippine Art Now, an exhibit by Manuel Duldalao. This presentation has opened doors for Raul to be appreciated by well-known artists in the Philippines.

Being an artist, his creativity has brought him countless opportunities, including competitions, one of which is Phillip Morris Art Competition. His artworks have been also featured in acclaimed galleries in Makati City and Manila.

Having been much appreciated, various establishments has showcased his artworks, including the first branch of Golden Cowrie, Ayala Center Cebu, Mactan Airport, and Waterfront Hotel and Casino.

If these establishments were not enough, he has earned a commission from Qube Gallery which featured his paintings together with those from other artists.

Raul Agas Will Strut His Stuff Once More

Raul Agas 7th One Man Show: “Independence: Perspectives of Art” will happen on June 10, 2013 at 2:30 PM in the 3rd level of Ayala Center Cebu (McDonald’s Place across Maze).

You can visit the official Facebook page or official website of Raul Agas to get more information.

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