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Taste the Sumptuousness of Lasagne Que in the Comfort of Your Home

Cebuanos, you can now have homemade lasagna delivered to your doorsteps, courtesy of Lasagne Que! It’s easy, you just need to order within at least a day or two to savor this creamy and saucy lasagna! Perfect to serve to guest during parties and special gatherings or simply a good tasty treat for one’s self.

The creamy Lasagne Que!
The creamy Lasagne Que!

Contact Details of Lasagne Que

Available sizes and prices of Lasagne Que

  • Soloista- Php 95
  • Per Quatro (4 to 6 people)- Php 350
  • Per Otto (8 to 10 people)- Php 800
  • Per Dieci (10 to 12 people)- Php 1000
  • Per Siedici (16 to 18 people)- Php 1500

Take note: Free Delivery of Lasagne Que within the City of Cebu

Sometimes, most of us feel lazy to go out from our comfort zones. If you are craving for some tasty lasagne, then you can have it simply delivered at home! Of course, there is a minimum order for the SOLOISTA. At least 8 orders will do and the delivery charge will be for free!

Lasagna is a type of food that originated in Italy. It is a wide, flat pasta in which pieces of it are layered with sauce, cheese, various meat and other secret ingredients and then oven-baked. For more details about the Lasagne Que craze, you may visit: http://www.foodelity.net/2013/06/lasagna-delivery-in-cebu.html

More photos of Lasagne Que for you to salivate!

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