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10 ways on how CDR King can help us save the environment

Tomorrow, the whole world will be celebrating Earth Hour and everybody will be encouraged to show how much they really care for the environment, no matter how small the deed is, but does Mother Earth deserve to have massive support from humanity only during times like Earth Hour? Shouldn’t be saving the planet a duty that everybody has to do everyday?

Speaking of doing our share, you actually don’t have to do painstaking activities to be an advocate of environment care and concern. Sometimes, all you need to do is buy the right stuff.

Take for instance, instead of buying bottled water, you just buy a water container and refill water from time to time. You will be helping a lot in minimizing the amount of garbage that will be thrown away. When it comes to saving electricity, solar panel kits can help us too.

But where on earth can we buy solar panel kits and other energy-saving gadgets? Aren’t they expensive? Thankfully, they are available in CDR King!

In case you still don’t know, CDR King is already offering products that are energy-saving and cost efficient.

So without further ado, let me share to you the 10 reasons on how CDR King can help you save the environment.

CDR king solar panel kit
CDR king solar panel kit

1. CDR King Solar Panel kits transform the rays of the sun into energy that will light up our bulbs or even charge our gadgets.
2. This means that our consumption of electricity will be less!
3. The solar panel kits can help us cut back on electricity costs.
4. CDR King Solar Panel kits and other products come in affordable rates.
5. Their eco bikes doesn’t need gasoline! You just need to charge them in your electricity outlet!
6. Since you will be saving money from electricity bills and gasoline, you can spend your money on things that matter more like education expenses, food, and family bonding.
7. Tired of changing batteries from your flashlights? Use the crank-dynamo flashlights of CDR King!
8. Brownouts or blackouts can be a hassle but as long as you have solar-powered emergency lights from CDR King, it will never be a problem anymore.
9. Nationwide, CDR King has 200 branches so you don’t have to worry if you are outside your hometown.
10. CDR King has more than 8 branches in Cebu to serve you so anytime you need something, head on to the nearest mall.

How about you? What wonderful reasons can you think of?


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