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LAV Solutions – Mastering the Art of Sound

If you’ve visited LIV Superclub at least once, you must have been delighted by the total sensory experience which completed your night out with friends. A solid sound quality is crucial in a superclub. We have reached the age where quality of loudspeakers is the selling point. Sound quality can make or break a club, a concert, a restaurant or even your special event.

LIV Superclub’s continued success could be attributed to its world-class lights and sound system, which was masterfully-designed by one person, Tom Anderson Lim Uy.

On a random weekday afternoon, we came across Mr. Uy hanging out at one of the dining establishments in City Time Square Mandaue.

He told us he was surrounded by a “musically-inclined” family, as his family was one of the first in the country who ventured into the highly-lucrative business of making karaokes (Where in the Philippines could you not find a karaoke machine?). Although he got his hand on the family business and managed three offices, Uy animatedly told us about receiving “wisdom from above” which led him to take a huge leap of faith to get out of the family business and pursue his passion.

Tom Anderson Lim Uy LAV Solutions

LAV Solutions, Inc. is a wholesale and retail solutions company, which works on audio and lighting designs. Through LAV, LIV Superclub sought the services of Uy to design the superclub’s lights and sound before it opened.

At first, Uy’s radical ideas in lights and sound design were questioned, with severe competition offering their “tried-and-tested” concepts. Bearing in mind that the club can hold up to 1,200 people, quite a loudspeaker system is needed. Uy told us that he dealt with a few acoustical challenges during the setup, but nothing he couldn’t solve with critical listening. Until today, Uy has stayed to tweak and fine-tune the setup for it to continue looking and sounding perfect. LIV Superclub is almost comparable to an acoustically perfect high-end recording studio.

liv superclub
LIV Superclub

LIV has a dance floor, surrounded by elevated booth seats, and to give the whole area an almost 3D-like full sonic experience is what Uy considers to be a pinnacle of achievement for him, in what he considers as trying circumstances. Uy takes pride in the standard of his projects’ installations, which show his deep attention to detail.

This year, Uy decided to reside in Cebu to continue managing LAV Solutions. He looks forward to offer his range of services for corporate events, parties and weddings. His office is opening soon at the 2nd floor of Time Square 2 in Mandaue City.

But for now, you may visit LAV Solutions Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LAVSINC/ or e-mail lavsolutions@yahoo.com for inquiries.

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