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Choosing Schools, Courses & Scholarships More Easy with Edukasyon

No Need to Line-Up to Inquire To Which School or Course You’d Like With Edukasyon

Accessibility, convenience, and cost are some of the factors that parents consider in choosing which school and course they’d like to send their kids. Most often, parents limit their choices because they choose schools that are familiar to them even though there are other schools that are much better in other aspects. Kids are also constricted as to which school or career path they’d take as they usually base it on the influence from family and friends. Good thing that Edukasyon is here to make education info more accessible and convenient.

Edukasyon makes it easier for the youth (ages 13 to 23) to make better-informed education, career, and life choices. It’s a one-stop online youth platform. With more than 500 educational partners, more than 50 foundation and corporate partners, Edukasyon has attracted more than 10 Million unique Gen Z visitors per year making it the leading education technology platform in the Philippines.

With Edukasyon, GenZ Filipinos can search for which school, course and even inquire and apply for scholarships. Through this, the youth can pursue their goals and enhance their education, career and life skills.

How to Use Edukasyon.Ph explained in 90 seconds!

To get started, just go and log-in to Edukasyon.Ph to plan your future!

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