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CBS celebrates 14th on 14 virtually with TeamAsia

For the first time, Cebu’s premier blogging organization, the Cebu Bloggers Society feted its 14th Anniversary on February 19, 2022, virtually. Attended by at least 33 active members, the virtual event was tagged as “Molded by the past, Strengthened in the present and Unfolding the future” with a special co-presenter, TeamAsia.

CBS members and Team Asia during the first virtual event

The event started with some “kumustahan” by Kim. It was then followed by solemn silence in honor of Aaron Bernardez and invocation. The event properly happened when Kim Charlie started to host with sparkling ease and wit! He opened the event “In my 8 years as a loyal member of CBS, I saw how this organization grew and became an institution for starting bloggers. For me, as I’ve known CBS for the longest time, it honed bloggers to be the best amongst our chosen niche, exposed to various events, media coverage, and built a stronger relationships with our partners. It opened a lot of doors, an opportunity not just to me but also to our loyal members.

Cebu Bloggers Society 14th Anniversary Poster
Cebu Bloggers Society 14th Anniversary Poster

As this years theme: Molded by the past, strengthened in the present and unfolding the future. CBS gone along way from its humble beginning in 2009. We produced OG bloggers, vloggers and influencers on their chosen niche that makes CBS an institution of aspiring bloggers.I’m proud to say that popular bloggers started here at CBS and we’ve continuously produced quality bloggers from our 63 strong members.” He added

Team Asia’s PR Director, Cid Santillan together with his Managing Director, Ms. Bea Lim graced the virtual event. “We thank you for sticking with us through the years, connecting us to our fellow Filipinos in Cebu.” Cid started his Honorary Speech. “Your unwavering support to our clients, partners, and meaningful stories has been one of our anchors in delivering next to level experiences not only to brands but also to the Cebuano community. Thank you for making all these possible.” Cid added.

It was then followed by a powerful Keynote speech by no other than Ms. Bea Lim. “Thank you thank you so much! I feel so special and sparkling because of that beautiful introduction.” Bea started. “You have been such an amazing partner for the past 14 years and as we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we just really wanted to actually be able to be with you guys as we also celebrate this milestone,” she added.

It was really a fun virtual event with amazing raffle prizes from Coca-Cola PH. A Trivia game was initiated by the Founder, Mark Monta. There were 14 questions related to CBS, Team Asia, PLDT Home, and other sponsors to celebrate a longtime partnership. In the end, Four winners were announced where Sinjin Pineda, topped the game but later waived the prize-giving other members the chance to grab the top 3.

In the last part of the program, Kim also acknowledged the effort of some Blogging communities who helped CBS members during Typhoon Odette which happened last December 2021. He gave a plaque of Appreciation to Davao Bloggers Society and CDO Bloggers. Then an acceptance and video greetings from these blogospheres were shown to the participants.

Then a quick Closing Remarks was done by the founder, Mark Monta. “It’s been 2 years since our gathering physically as brothers and sisters under our Cebu Bloggers Society family – that was during our 12th year anniversary at Maayo Hotel Cebu. Funny how time flies so fast and we’re here, celebrating our 14th anniversary virtually.” he started.

“Cebu and the Visayas have been devastated by typhoon Odette and these people were there to pray for us, help us get back on our feet. Amidst the covid 19, CBS is there to help take care of everyone – even in just prayers and other assistance.
Thank you so much everyone for making this 14 on 14 memorable! Happiest 14th Anniversary Cebu Bloggers Society. CBS FOREVER!” He finished the speech.

Overall, it was indeed fun catching up with Cebu Bloggers Society members! The event was made amazing with the help of our Co-Presenter, TeamAsia, Our partners – PLDT Home, Our Food partner, Sinugbox Barbecue, and Coca-Cola PH.

It was short but unforgettable. It was tiresome but ended so sweet!

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