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The Bachelors-Femina Club of Cebu, Traditional Annual Reception & Innocents Day Ball

I am sure some of us has been able to see shows like Gossip Girl. The glam, the style, the beauty of it all? Well, gathered aound in one hall, the prominent families of Cebu.  In a party for a cause, these families show what they can. Dressed in their beautiful gowns while the men in their delicate Barongs.

The Rigodon Dance was  a fancy dance and was truly a labor of love. Although they did not really perfect it, but who needs perfect when you enjoy it? Yes, the men, in their barong, and the young women in their gowns, dancing the rhythm of classical music. One even commented at my back, “kalingaw ra pud nila noh? Ang mga bata nalingaw ra pud, basin pang tiguwang siya na sayaw.”

After the Rigodon Dance, they had their dinner with very delcious food. I am not to forget the sliced tomatoes served with olive oil, or everyone’s favorite, your one way ticket to High Blood Pressure: Lechon.

Then there was a Video Slide Presentation of the past events of BF. And which was then followed by the fun part: Freestyle Dancing. And with special DJ Bong.

pictures in : http://vanjhnn.multiply.com/

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