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SIAM Thai Cuisine

Name of Establishment: SIAM Thai Cuisine
Location: Ground Floor, The Terraces, Ayala Center Cebu
Types of Food: Thai Cuisine
Over-all place: Perceptible of Thai Culture setting
Ratings (1-5): 3

When The Terraces of Ayala Center Cebu just opened its stalls with massive restaurants for both local and international shops, I just can’t wait to dine in each inviting restos every time I visit the place. One time, my Asian cravings and spicy diet is grumbling my tummies to devour something Thai cuisine. And with just me alone, my cell phone clock strikes to 11:30 am. I peeked at the side of Fully Booked and saw some welcoming gestures from SIAM.


When I first entered the door, I hear the greeting “Sawatdee Khrap” which means “Hello, good day, good morning, good afternoon or good evening” in Thai! Ooops, I think, personal instincts would tell you that it’s a welcome greeting just like when you say “Mabuhay” in Filipino or “Maayong Buntag or Udto or Gabi-e” in Cebuano. It sounds new to my ear though I know they would utter that generic greeting to their customers.

Entry Credits: More on Foodelity


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