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The CBS Historic General Assembly

Last February 21, 2009 the members of the Cebu Bloggers’ Society assembled and deliberated a lot of important matters concerning the group’s organization and growth. The meeting was held at the Enovlink Training Center, 3rd Level of the Angelica Building located at Pres. Osmeña Boulevard in Cebu City.

The meeting was deemed to be historic as it was the first time the group actually met in a function room, and not in a coffee shop where most of the time, random chit-chats defeat the purpose of the meeting.

The “Historic General Assembly” started at approximately 4:00 PM, and among the matters discussed were the following:

- Membership process
- Election of officers
- Distribution of duties as members
- Paving the way to becoming a non-profit organization
- Constitution and By-Laws

At the end of the day, although a lot of matters still needed to be ironed out, something significant was achieved, and now, the direction of CBS has become clearer and more defined. The very successful and productive meeting was just the beginning of more things to come and greater heights to reach for the group.

Meanwhile, we proudly present to you the newly elected officers of the Cebu Bloggers Society:

President: Mark Monta
Vice President for External Affairs/Spokesperson: Kevin Ray Chua
Vice President for Events: Xerxes Bernadez
Vice President for Membership: Evanjohnn Mendoza
Vice President for Website Administration: Michael Sinjin Pineda
Vice President for Content Management: Jerry Gervacio
Ad Hoc – Constitution and By-Laws: Ethelbert Ouano, Vernon Go, Emelito Torres
Treasurer: Jan Mckingley Hilado
Secretary: Karen Veloso, Wilhelmina Sarawi, Aileen Estoquia
Board of Trustees: (General representatives for the group members)
- Clarence Mongado
- Jorich Ponio
- Agnes Jimenez
- Paul Villacorta
- Earl Zacarias
- Evanjohnn Mendoza
- Xerxes Bernadez
- Michael Sinjin Pineda
- Jerry Gervacio
- Gerrymie Tampus

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