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CBS Summer Night Camp Out

WHO: Cebu Bloggers Society Members
WHAT: Summer Night Out
WHEN: April 18 (Assembly Time: 4pm at McDonald’s, JY Square Discovery Mall) to April 19, 2009
WHERE: Mendoza’s Residences in Busay, Cebu City

Materials to be brought: Tents, sleeping bags and other camping paraphernalia.
Other details:
- A different way to bond as members of CBS.
- As the title connotes, it will be an overnight event.
- Those talented members may bring with them their guitars and other musical instruments (which will be used for the activities throughout the evening)

Contribution: Php150 (to be given to Vanjohnn, DEADLINE: April 15, 2009, if possible)

Food and Drinks:
- rice and water to be provided by the Mendoza family
- viands and other munchers to be brought by CBS members (salu-salo/food sharing)

Those who are interested to join this significant event MUST sign up in the forums.

Thank you very much,
Xerendipity, Head, Events Committee

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