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CBS Members Hold 2nd General Meeting for 2009

The Cebu Bloggers Society held its second general assembly for the year last April 4 at McDonald’s in Asiatown IT Park, Cebu City.

Among the highlights of the assembly were the presentation of project proposals by the Vice-Presidents, who are heading the different committees, and the discussions about upcoming events.

As in the tradition of the Cebu Bloggers Society, the new members were embraced with open arms and officially welcomed to the group. The minutes of the meeting are available here.


- Agnes
- Aileen
- Bryan
- Clado
- Ethelbert
- Evanjohnn (not in photo)
- Febryl
- Guada
- Jerry
- Jorich
- Jun Rey
- Kevin
- Louella
- Mark
- Miong
- Sinjin
- Wilhelmina
- Xerendipity

New Members/First Time Attendees:
- Aimee
- Jun Rhy
- Mikyu
- Prince
- Rami
- Raymund
- Tianexx

Photo credit: Evanjohnn


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