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Bloggers’ Summer

Cebu’s summer and Cebu’s bloggers conspire, trail blazing heights, fabled sights, and mystic depths.

Cebu Bloggers Society’s summer tales never end, with millions of details poured in every moment. The Cebu bloggers are enjoying and blogging summer. Like the much-awaited weeding, summer is a special time to flaunt that summer bodyObnoxious Queer believed.

More than just fun! (Photo courtesy of Goth)


Empress masterfully bring our imagination out to peek into the camp out with vivid accounts:
The whole gang of raucous blogging cyborgs had spread live bullets of laughter and lethal nonsense talks all over the bloody place.  At the end of the team building initiation, team Wang-Wang, the team full of semi-carnal blogging cyborgs, emerged victorious over their lousy opponent, the name I won’t mention because I’m afraid it would just be a waste of bandwidth (peace team unknown, lolers)

Mark’s words can move us to tears, we create a family, more than just a blogroll or blogmates. This pushed me to read each of their blogs. The event was so successful and memorable. Of course, everyone was so grateful to Vanjohnn. When words are not enough, their pictures say more.


While some grilled and chilled their bodies, Aileen enjoyed her photohunt. She captured alluring photos!

Red days’ break during Holy Week had allowed many CBS members to explore famous spots in Cebu, notably Bantayan Island. Bantayan boasts its white sand beach, clear water, and hospitable people. Bantayan outshines others during summer. So it seems that everyone agrees with Miong that Bantayan is Cebu’s summer island.

CBS Summer Night Camp Out

April 18, 2009 (Mendoza’s Residence, Jardin de Busay) – It was a very memorable bloggers’ summer night — a historyWebslave declared. It was the best of my summer vacation, Mikyu wrote.

The summer night camp out tickles our imagination with simple to cryptic recounts of events. It was esotericBryan shared.


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