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The UCC Coffee Cafe Terraces

If you and a friend, or any of your circles happen to meet for a good tete-a-tete, isn’t it worthwhile to pass the time with an enjoyable cup of coffee at a very comfy place? Where can you find a better place to sip in that “coffeerific” aroma of coffee beans? There’s one coffee shop we know, the UCC Café Terrace in Ayala Terraces.

UCC stands for Ueshima Coffee Company. It got its name from the person who popularized it, Tadao Ueshima way back in 1933 in Japan.

Today, coffee production has been part of Japan’s world class standards and scientific experiments to perfect its magical taste and aroma for every customer’s satisfaction.

Hubert Young, a businessman brought UCC to the Philippines and is currently holding its exclusive franchise and now got 20 chain branches throughout the country with 3 different concept stores: Vienna Café, Café Terrace and Park Café.

Coffee Production

They say that for coffee drinkers to appreciate the quality flavor of their coffee, the quality of the soil of the producing country as well as the beans to grow are at first considered at the very beginning of its cultivation/production. Other factors may include, seasonal or climate changes and the environment where the coffee beans are grown. For UCC, their main coffee plantations are direct from Jamaica (UCC Blue Mountain Coffee Craighton Estate), Hawaii (UCC Hawaii Kona Coffee Estate) and in Indonesia (P.T. UCC Lintong Mandheling Coffee Estate). The type of coffee beans UCC are using are ARABICA beans as its more rich in taste and more flavorful and complex than other types of coffee beans.

UCC also got their expert called “classificadores” or cup tasters to check that only quality beans will be used for production.

Scientific Application

We know you will say that, “it’s just coffee, why make a big deal with it?” We (along with other food bloggers in Cebu) were introduced to their Triple Temperature Natural Dripping Technique in brewing our coffee at different temperature levels. We noticed those rounded glass flasks attached to siphon tubes where the coffee will be mix with heated water as it goes up, a mixture system coupled with an accurate amount of flame. Of course, precise stirring at the right momentum is highly observed by the coffee brewer.

UCC served our coffee, not too hot to drink, just enough not to burn our lips when taking a sip, a thought they also considered. 

Coffee Selections

Still wandering what to order if you happen to drop at UCC Café terrace? Please check the list below.  Take note that each coffee has its own specific signature cup (based on the cup design).

  1. UCC Blend It got the perfect combination of flavor and aroma. If you’re a fan of blended coffees, this one may be a good starter for you. By the way, it’s their best-seller coffee blend!
  2. Sumiyaki –  This is charcoal roasted coffee beans. It’s strong in taste. You might add brown sugar crystals to sweeten taste.
  3. Blue Mountain – the coffee beans are from their plantation in Jamaica and it got a subtle taste, perhaps, lighter than that of Sumiyaki’s. It’s one of their highly-priced coffees.

Meals to Match

UCC is not just a Japanese coffee shop that is purely coffee in their menus. They also serve breakfast meals, cakes and pastries to savor and create a good blend with their aromatic coffee delighting your salivary glands.

The Interiors

UCC café terrace in Ayala Terraces has a high-ventilation ceiling.  This is good for air circulation inside though the place is air-conditioned. It allows you to breathe in and savor your coffee. Their glass-prints are also chic and fab! It exudes youthful tolerance and laughter.

They have designated areas for smokers on top (smoking area), the mezzanine and meeting lounge for those in big groups who wants privacy. The shop also provides free WiFi connection for those bringing in their lappies and iPods or PSP.

Where To Go

Since UCC coffee is all-over the country (Philippines), you may enjoy to take your share with its therapeutic benefits of coffee, chic venues and sophisticated ambiance of its different concept stores nationwide.

UCC Coffee Vienna Café is a “hotel coffee shop outside of a hotel”. Ideal for business meet-ups for young professionals and businessmen-alike.

UCC Coffee Café Terrace gets the feature of a classy and cozy atmosphere that mimics a contemporary country club. Picture out a family smooching on their coffees or a team of employees in their relaxed hours after a days’ work.

UCC Coffee Park Café is conceptualized for active juveniles, students, blossoming friendships and dating parks for those young at hearts. It got plush park landscape of greenish and earth plants within an urban-driven buildings, malls and hotels. Still giving a refreshing view of nature.

Coffee is the source of satisfaction and comfort, and is the medium for togetherness. In short, “magkape ta bai”, in English “let’s have a cup of coffee”.

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