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Sarah Geronimo: The Next One Press Con in Cebu

July 30, 2009. Sarah Geronimo had a press conference at Maxim Cafe & Restaurant, Maxwell Hotel Escario St. Cebu City for her ” SG THE NEXT ONE PHILIPPINE TOUR: CEBU League.”

Newspapers, radio, blogs and TV representatives were there to put the talented Sarah Geronimo on the hot seat!

Sarah answered with a laugh when she was questioned “What was John Lloyd’s gift to her during her birthday?” and followed up that John Lloyd’s presence was enough for her.

Sarah’s indulgences? She said she’s a simple girl who loves perfumes. Love life? “Still Single”

And what keeps her blooming? Proper diet, right amount of sleep and excercise!

Sarah Geronimo’s Concert was held at the Waterfront Hotel Grand Pacific Ballroom last July 31, 2009, the day after the press con. Special Guests were Billy Crawford and Mark Bautista.

Want to know more about Sarah Geronimo? Visit the pop princess’s website at http://www.sarahgeronimo.com/

Andrew Buenaviajie, the author of this article, is the owner of the LingawCebu Blog.

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