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AboitizLand Projects Tour

The Cebu Bloggers Society was once again invited by the staff of AboitizLand Inc. to another event dubbed as the second bite. The group went on a tour of the AboitizLand projects as far as Consolacion up north and Talisay down south.

The group made 8 stops which included new and existing residential communities and other properties.  Each of the significant stops are discussed in detail here.

It proved to be another fun-filled learning experience for the group. Here’s what some of the Cebu Bloggers Society members have to say:

“They all provided great insights and overviews on all the Made-for-Life Communities….It made me realize that somehow I should be investing on Made-for-Life Communities such as the ones we visited.”


“The recent AboitizLand projects tour was not intended to sell but to reach out to communities – a good move that promotes oneness of many communities in Cebu metropolis.”


“AboitizLand has been a great model to everyone! Even with all these projects, they never neglected our environment. They make sure that in the long run, everyone will benefit on their projects.”


“AboitizLand Made for Life team asked negative/positive comments and suggestions, thoughts from us about their projects, including their main website. Afterwhich, prizes were given and then we took the final shots!”


For more information on AboitizLand properties, please visit http://www.aboitizland.com.

Author of this article is also the owner of http://www.ngipirt.com and http://www.jabberedonion.com


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