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Bus Rapid Transit System

Cebu City’s plan to adopt the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system excites supporters and likewise raise the eyebrows of skeptics.

Several questions are asked. Is this just another solution that will become a problem later? Will this only introduce newly dressed-up buses that look novel at the start but still clog city streets? Will this system displace jeepney drivers and operators? Is BRT better that Light Rail Transit (LRT) or Metro Rail Transit (MRT)? Is this, by far, the best mass transport system for Cebu?

There are proposals to establish LRT system in Cebu City and whole metro Cebu, but the city government is considering BRT system.

In the Cebu Daily News report, Cebu City Planning and Development Officer Nigel Paul Villarete said that BRT system will be a more feasible mode of public transportation for Cebu City because its capital costs are lower compared to a metro rail system.

Cost is not the only variable being considered. BRT system has been admired and proven for its effectiveness in easing mobility of the people. Besides, the system has been found flexible on its implementation.

In her visit to Cebu, President Gloria Arroyo expressed her support to the BRT project. Several sectors already expressed support while some are voicing out their doubts.

Recently, the Cebu City Planning and Development Office (CCPDO) invited members of SkyscraperCity-Cebu and the Cebu Bloggers Society to present the principles, concept, and plan of establishment of BRT system in Cebu. The presentation clarified issues and misunderstanding of the BRT system.

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