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Blogs, Bloggers, and Blogging – Part 1

Nobody knows more about the importance of blogging than bloggers and blog  users themselves, especially if one is never a blogger or does not even have a blog at  all. Thus, it is only proper to say that bloggers themselves reserves the rightful  claim on how far and wide they have understood the word “BLOG” and its  importance.

Years ago, “blog” is still unknown to many. Yet it has been said that blogging has  been around the corner since the beginning of the internet, only that early bloggers  at that certain point in time did not really know that what they were doing would  eventually be called “BLOGGING”.

Today, blogs have become remarkable. Though the word is still not officially considered an English-International word, fact remains apparent that blog is widely recognized and has become very influential component of the online world. It has grown rapidly and mushroomed all over the globe, and even reached places you would sometime doubt that the online world would surely reach. And today, there have been millions of blogs on the internet made available to online users by bloggers themselves. Of how many blogs are there, still a question that is yet to be answered. But if I may ask, is someone still counting? Is someone still doing the math, or rather statistics?

On the other hand, Cebu Bloggers Society is evident to blogs and bloggers rapid and enormous growth. Fact is, the society was established because of this very reason wherein the idea of organizing bloggers in Cebu came in eventually, and then the rest is considered history.

Today, we decided to start noting the society’s own take on the three fundamental and comprehensive subjects mentioned above – blog, blogging and blogger. And though it may sound redundant to still “introduce” these subjects here, we would rather prefer to be redundant than to be misunderstood. We shall let our reader grasp on what we normally do, have a better information and understanding on specific topics or issues we are involved with, and define terms that may be unfamiliar to them until now.

We hope, by this simple effort from us, we would be able to serve the main purpose of this blog’s section – to understand the importance of blogs, bloggers and blogging in our society as a whole.


Mr. Allahn Joyce Bensali, the author of this article, is the owner of In Search 4 You.


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