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EDGE, NEO’s new Ultra-Slim Laptop launched in Cebu!

Who would ever think a few years ago that notebooks, laptops or “netbooks”-those computers so small, they fit into designer bags, would be as trendy, sought-after and diverse as mobile phones? The IT generation’s constant need for up-to-date information, social networking and alternative means of communication has given rise to a wide array of ready-to-go, work-anywhere personal computers in a multitude of shapes, sizes, specs and even colors.

NEO, one of the country’s leading manufacturers and distributors of excellent and dependable consumer portables, introduces its latest line of mobile computers, aptly named the EDGE – a new concept that will perfectly fit the new fast-paced and exciting digital lifestyle, great for work and leisure, or both.

First impressions would surely last as Neo’s EDGE Z3240 is maybe one of the smartest and hippest looking laptop you will ever see. It’s a wonder how this carefully engineered work of art packs so many great features in such a compact frame that redefines the term “ultra-thin”.  Its compact build may give you the impression that this laptop is not a serious computing machine. We beg to differ. The Edge Z3240 is actually a travelling executive’s perfect companion, ideal for both business and multimedia applications even on long trips because it has a longer battery life than standard-voltage notebooks. And, it is powered by Intel – the industry ’s leader in processors, this slim beauty carries a big stick. The 120 GB hard drive is sufficient enough for downloaded movies, music, pictures and all those work-related dragging stuff such as spreadsheets and documents.

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