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Satin Eclipse

This October 30 & 31, an enchanting experience awaits everyone in Cebu as darkness arises and continues to rise to its optimum. There are unidentified and obstructed shadows lurking all over the county to give you the thrill and an experience that you surely would never want to miss.

Brace yourself as here comes the bewitching Satin Eclipse. It’s on its way to grant your wish for an unforgettable experience this Halloween season and ready to satisfy your freaky cravings.

Rumors said that the shadows have been setting things up around Parkmall, Cebu City. Encircling the vicinity, just preparing and waiting for the right time to come to surprise everyone. Rumors added that they were told to inform everybody to come over the place when the right time comes should you choose not to be visited by them. But are you ready for this? Are you prepared?

Remember the date, October 30 & 31 at Parkmall, Cebu City. Be there… Or Beware!


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