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Asia-in-a-Basket Food Bloggers’ Meet at SM Foodcourt

November 30, 2009 — The Cebu Bloggers Society participated in SM Foodcourt’s first ever food event for the bloggers — the Asia-in-a-Basket Food Bloggers’ Meet.

The event, with the aim of increasing brand awareness of SM Foodcourt while highlighting its great features and services (good food and Wi-Fi availability), was opened by the Foodcourt Manager, Ms. Geraldine Alunan. The activities for the event were the photo taking of the food display, food tasting, and the live blogging contest.

Participating foodcourt outlets were Golden Bowl DimsumFish PortKamay KainanIsland Grill ExpressMama GieNew Mongolian ExpressRics’ BBQFiesta CebuanaVenetian Coffee,FountainheadMarina SeafoodsSmokey’sGoto KingMarina Lechon House, Thirsty?, and King Wah Chinese Cuisine. Each of them showcased their select dishes for the bloggers to take pictures of. It was clearly a feast for the eyes. The feast for the stomach followed, where all the participants were able to taste and appreciate the delectable dishes from the different food outlets in SM Foodcourt.

After the food tasting was the live blogging contest. A couple of bloggers joined, and Evanjohnn bagged the prize. Sinjin also got a special award for the outstanding photos he took of the food display. Nevertheless, everyone who participated in the event each got a certificate of participation, gift certificates from the food outlets, and gift packs. Surely, these sent everyone home with a smile on the face.

SM Foodcourt is a great place to meet with great food to eat. As Anthelme Brillat-Savarin said, “Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are.” We are bloggers, but we don’t eat blogs. We eat food.

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