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Hapuhap Wellness Spa Experience

One can never miss the huge yellow signage to the right when taking V. Rama Avenue going to Guadalupe. Hapuhap Wellness Spa is located on the 3rd Floor of the LBR Building.

It’s the perfect place to rejuvenate all that energy after a hard day at work or school. Their packages vary depending on every clients’ relaxation needs, may it be a regular massage or body scrub or facial cleansing.

Eight (8) Cebu Bloggers Society Members were given the opportunity to experience the gentle touch of Hapuhap Wellness Spa last December 1, 2 and 5. Here’s what they have to say (you may click on their names to read more about their articles):

Their service was really nice too! Rooms were super neat, music and ambiance was very nice. the place really suits the SPA’s name- Hapuhap -meaning a gentle touch or rub on someone’s back to give comfort. It was really relaxing especially to my hands and back. — JIM

At first, I was really shy with the hapuhapists (masseur) and I was really about to laugh on the way how she did it, but then, it all went well. I still want more, more and more. I like the feeling that I was relaxed not just with the massage but also to their superb style, atmosphere and music at its lowest rate.

xavier shared that the hapuhap massage is a combo of shiatsu, swedish and thai. didn’t really feel the thai bit of it, which was good because i hate having to participate in the therapy. i just want to sleep during the whole session. i’m glad it made me! “lami” is such a perfect adjective.
— JAbbeRedONiON

Everything in the place was very relaxing — the gentle music, the aroma (I still smelled it though I had colds), and of course, the body massage itself. :) My therapist, Luna, was very accommodating despite my constant request for her to repeat her words at that time

Overall, the massage was satisfying. It was a pretty good one. The therapists were professional, at the same time, friendly and accommodating. And the place was calm. Being on a high floor probably contributed to that.

For more information you may call (032) 417-4885.

Author of this article is also the author of ngipirt.com and JAbbeRedONiON.com


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